Miranda Kerr unveils her top Skin Care secrets

Miranda Kerr unveils her top Skin Care secrets

14 November 2014

Supermodel extraordinaire Miranda Kerr always looks flawless – but her glowing complexion is the result of more than just good genes and drinking plenty of water (although both help!). The star has unveiled her top Skin Care secrets, much to our delight at The Harley Medical Group.

  • Change your Skin Care routine with the seasons

The supermodel admits that, like many, her skin requires extra attention in the colder months, favouring a gentle cleanser and hydrating face cream to give her skin further protection from the elements.

  • Don’t just moisturise your face

Miranda highlights the importance of moisturising beyond your face and down to your neck and décolletage. “It’s important to look after and protect these areas as you would your face” she said.

  • Look after your hands

She also advises to take good care not to neglect your hands from your Skin Care routine, commenting: “Hands are exposed to aging and drying elements, so I recommend using a protective and restorative hand cream regularly throughout the day and apply again at bedtime.”

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