Mirror mirror on the wall, who\\\'s the vainest of them all? Men are!

2 May 2016

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the vainest of them all? Men are!

If you were to guess who looks in the mirror most every day, what would you say? A recent study shows that men are actually vainer than women. Out of the 1,000 UK participants surveyed, it was revealed that on average men check themselves out in the mirror 23 times a day, compared to women who look in a mirror 16 times a day.

What’s more, 11 per cent of men surveyed confessed to picking up a mirror a whopping 30 times a day! 

In the past, it was thought that women were more concerned about their appearance than men, but it looks as though the tables are turning. One possible explanation for men becoming more aware of their appearance is social media and the sheer number of selfies uploaded every day.

This has led to an increasing number of men turning to beauty products with one in 10 using cosmetics aimed at women – perhaps an indication that more male-targeted products are needed nowadays.

Cosmetic Surgery too is becoming more popular than ever among men, with numbers opting for procedures increasing by more than 100 per cent in the last 20 years.

So what does this mean? Men are taking more pride in their appearance and their health, looking to get rid of beer bellies and man boobs (considered ‘unsightly’). While this is a positive sign as far as men’s health is concerned, experts are warning that in the age of selfies, it can be all too easy to become obsessed with appearance, causing people to devote too much time on making sure they look good and sacrificing quality time with friends and family.

What do you think – is it good or bad that men are becoming more concerned with their appearance? Send us a tweet with your thoughts!


Image credit: g-stockstudio/ Shutterstock.com