Missed out on your beauty sleep? This new treatment is perfect for you!

22 October 2015

Is there anything worse than being told, ‘you look tired’?

If you suffer from pronounced under-eye bags this thinly veiled insult can be the bane of your life and unfortunately it takes more than a good eight hours sleep to get rid of those dark circles. But a revolutionary news combination of Non Surgical Treatments called the ‘Tri Eye’ could be the answer to banishing that sleep deprived look.

Under eye circles are a common concern among women, a recent survey by Clinique found that 53% of ladies say bags and under eye puffiness are their primary beauty worry.

They’re cause is mostly to do with your genes. Pale skin tones often have a purplish hue beneath the eyes because the skin is thinner and so blood vessels are visible. Whereas the pigmentation produced by olive complexions can cause dark shadows. These factors, combined with sagging and sun damage as we age, mean some people are destined to end up with a tear through and dark circles.

So what does the Tri-Eye involve?

The first treatment is a form of Ultrasound called Ultherapy. It uses sound energy to stimulate collagen production deep beneath the surface of the skin, this helps tighten up the skin and reduce the dark colouring.

After that, Hyaluronic Acid Filler Injections are used to reduce the appearance of the tear through (that’s the deep line which can appear beneath the eyes as a result of ageing skin).

This step highlights the vital importance of only ever having the procedure with a fully qualified Ocular Cosmetic Surgeon or Dermatologist, as poorly performed Fillers can lead to lumpiness and in severe cases even cause a patient to go blind.

A special ‘thin’ Filler solution is used for the eye area and the solution is massaged to ensure its even distribution.

Finally Botox Injections are used to elevate the brows and reduce the appearance of crow’s feet.

46 year old Anna Magee underwent a Tri-Eye treatment after years of struggling with the pronounced bags under her eyes and says she couldn’t be happier with the results. “I remember feeling crushed when I returned from a holiday in Barbados and a colleague said, ‘You look exhausted’…two weeks (after the treatment) I flew home to Australia. I have never had so many compliments in my life The Botox and Filler had made an almost immediate difference in the darkness and wrinkles. But the real difference happened three months later.”

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Image credit: Asier Romeo/ Shutterstock