04 June 2013

Man with mobile phone to earYou might be a smooth communicator with everyone in your world thanks to your smartphone but your appearance might not be so smooth in a few years' time, according to American cosmetic surgeons. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has backed up findings from a Minneapolis practitioner, who has seen repeated instances of patients suffering from drooping neck and face muscles which could be attributed to protracted mobile phone use. And, reporting on the findings for Forbes magazine, John Stark, editor of its Next Avenue lifestyle section, confessed that he was one of the growing number of people addicted to using their smartphone."But that was before I read about a frightening new condition that is being linked to smartphone use ... smartphone face'," John reported. He reports that ASPS members have encountered growing numbers of cases of what he calls 'smartphone face' where prolonged use results in drooping face and neck muscles. Stark quotes a cosmetic surgeon based in his home city of Minneapolis, who said he was seeing increasing numbers of patients who were seeking help to alleviate the effects of constantly looking downwards at a small mobile phone screen. "Lines and creases may develop. The constant downward gaze caused by smartphone use may be causing some individuals to experience more lines and creases on their neck," the doctor wrote. "Even if your face maintains its youthful volume, signs of aging on the neck can give you away," he concluded, even quoting the fact that a Manhattan, New York-based cosmetic surgeon was now offering a so-called 'BalckBerry facial, which includes cleansing, skin peels and hydration. Stark concluded: "It's not a brain tumour or a car wreck. It's only wrinkles. I think I will book that appointment with the cosmetic surgeon."