15 April 2013

Woman's eyeA panel of plastic surgeons have been holding talks at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in New York to discuss options for minimally invasive brow lifting procedures. Each plastic surgeon on the panel developed their own minimally invasive procedure to present during the event, which takes place between April 11th and 16th.Dr Warren from Vancouver, Canada, explained many of the brow-lifting procedures used in the past did not result in a natural appearance and surgeons are keen to change this by looking at new approaches. It turns out that only minimal changes to brow shape and position can make a big aesthetic difference, he stated. Some of the things the surgeons said need to be taken into account when performing a brow lift are brow position and shape, the thickness of the brows, the structure and the distance between the eyebrows. Dr Fogli, from Marseille, France, said: For an optimal outcome, the approach must be personalised for the patient and often requires a combination of surgical and non-surgical techniques. Read the full story here: