31 July 2014

Celebrities: they have it all, right? From their glamorous careers to their jet-set lifestyle, its certainly a perfect way to live - for the exception of US star, Molly Sims. As a world-renowned model, Sims lives a life many of us dream of however, theres only one thing marring her happiness; Adult Acne. The 41-year-old mother is a successful household name following her appearances in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues as well as her role in smash hit drama, Las Vegas but a recent interview with the star reveals her struggles with this skin condition. While it was more or less bearable during her teens, it was during her modelling years that she found Cystic Acne much harder to manage where it got so difficult to control, she ended up with a staph infection. Not only was this a loss of confidence for her, but a loss of work taking two weeks off until the infection had died down. Due to the severity of Cystic Acne, it can leave those with this condition with both physical and mental implications. Sims recounts trying a number of treatments from weekly cortisone injections right through to acupuncture and used a variety of antibiotics in the hope of ridding herself of the Acne. After experimenting with several methods, she found that Accutane gave her the flawless skin she had always wanted but only for six years, until the Acne returned. Recalling a memory where she encountered a zit emergency, she realised that despite Accutane being a short term solution, there is no cure for Acne. There are however a few solutions which can help to improve the appearance of Acne spots and scars, including Laser treatment and Skin Peels. So there you have it it doesnt matter just how airbrushed your favourite celebrity may look, they all have their own beauty issues that are less than perfect. Do you live with Adult Acne? How have you treated this? Inspire others with your own stories on our Facebook page today.