02 February 2010

We've been seeing a rise in the number of men considering - and going through with - cosmetic surgery for a good long while now, so a survey from BAAPS showing that last year saw the figures swell by a fifth didn't hold many surprises for me. Nose jobs topped the charts for guys and eye bag removal came in second place - but these are areas we're used to seeing interest in. More interesting is that the third most popular procedure, and the one that saw the biggest growth, was male chest reduction. I wonder if this has a lot to do with the amount of publicity the treatment has received in the last few years. I'm pretty sure not many guys would have heard of this option a few years ago - not compared to now anyway. With nicknames such as 'man boobs' and 'moobs' gaining currency, you can see why men might feel ashamed of fatty tissue pockets in their chests that they can't shift.Male tummy tucks also went up by 20 per cent and facelifts by 23 per cent, making me think that men spend a bit more time considering their looks these days. Whether it's because of the increased competition of the job market or because men are just now getting to hear about surgeries that women were getting familiar with years ago, if it opens up options for a new generations of men, then I'm all for it.