24 November 2010

A growing number of American women aged 20 to 39 are turning to cosmetic surgery in order to regain their svelte, pre-pregnancy figures, a surgical expert has said. MedicalNewsToday.com reports that Dr. Hugh McLean, a leading cosmetic surgeon, has explained that 'mummy makeovers' combining tummy tucks, liposuction, breast uplifts and stretch marks removal have gained in popularity as more new mothers suffer a crisis of confidence following childbirth, particularly as celebrity mothers seem to snap back into shape just weeks after delivery. "A lot of women ask me why the Hollywood stars all have tight tummies after their pregnancies," Dr. McLean said. "And it's not only because they have access to personal chefs and trainers. They're just not showing you their tummy tucks." Dr McLean added that as women now tend to be older when pregnant with their first child, more mothers find their skin has less elasticity and is more likely to sag or develop stretch marks as a result of pregnancy. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has reported that breast augmentation and tummy tuck procedures have risen from 36 per cent to 84 per cent since 2000, while other body contouring and mummy makeover procedures have also soared in popularity. Recent research also indicates that British mothers are similarly keen to improve their post-pregnancy appearance too. Persil recently found more than a third of new mums in Britain feel frumpy in comparison to the other women they work with and the Metro online disclosed that new mothers feel under pressure to lose weight after having a baby in order to emulate celebrities who have slimmed down after giving birth.