28 May 2013

Mans face being treated by cosmetic surgeonMore and more New Zealand men are turning to cosmetic procedures to improve their look, according to reports. Tristan de Chalain, a plastic surgeon from Auckland, said there had been an increase in men seeking appearance enhancements.Basic treatments such as Botox and facial fillers are growing in popularity while more invasive procedures, such as liposuction and the removal of man boobs, have also been on the rise. Mr de Chalain said the most commonly sought treatments were liposuction on the stomach and sides, and work on drooping brows and hooded eyes. In an economic downturn or recession when there's a lot more competition out there for jobs, I think men are starting to work out that first impressions do count... [Men] don't want to look tired and grumpy, they are competing with younger men and are realising that. He added: You can pop out at lunch time and have a Botox jab and be back at your desk. Dr Paul Salmon, from The Skin Centre in Auckland, says there is a growing trend of men having Botox to improve their looks and employability. Tauranga plastic surgeon Adam Bialostocki said the main reason men go in for cosmetic surgery is the need of a confidence booster: Everyone has a different reason why they are doing it. It often comes down to being self-conscious about your appearance. It could be because they feel like they have to compete with a younger crowd.