More and more women looking to increase their bust by four or more cup sizes in a single operation

05 September 2013

breast_implants1The boob job is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery in Britain – more than 10,000 procedures are carried out every year. An increasing number of women are now opting for the ‘super boob job’, increasing their bust by four or more cup sizes in a single operation. British breast implant manufacturer Nagor claims one in 10 patients choses this procedure.Others are after something a little more subtle – the ‘has she or hasn’t she’ boob job. Miles Berry, a plastic surgeon and co-author of the Good Boob Bible, says Victoria Beckham epitomises this trend. “She has never admitted to surgery, but pictures show her breasts are incredibly supple and full – better than in her youth,” he said. For the most natural-looking boob job, consultant plastic surgeon Patrick Mallucci recommends forgetting about cup size altogether, and choosing the right implant which will result in a breast in proportion to the rest of the body. He explained: “Don’t come in saying, ‘I am a B and I’d like to be a DD’. Cup size is highly subjective. I might see 20 women measuring 34C, all with completely different breasts.” Above all, reconstructive surgeon Michael Cadier says the important factor is not the type of implant, but the safety record. Women should be as informed as possible about exactly what goes into their bodies. The US regulator, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has approved five brands of implant. Miles Berry added: “Should your surgeon not suggest one with FDA approval then there ought to be good safety data demonstrated in the form of long-term clinical follow-ups of a minimum of five years, looking at the integrity of the implant and effects on the body.” Mentor is an FDA approved implant manufacturer which is only available in Harley clinics in the UK. The company is owned by Johnson and Johnson, one of the world’s most trusted brands, with 125 years’ experience in healthcare.