01 April 2011

Men represent the largest area of growth for the cosmetic surgery industry in Australia, according to one expert. President of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS), Dr Russell Knudsen, said: It was traditionally a female-dominated business, but the fastest growing segment of the market is men. "They obviously don't have breast augmentation, but they do have love handles, abdomens, they have their bellies sucked of fat as they get older. Dr Knudsen went on to say that as men continue to work later in life, they are choosing procedures that can help them to look younger. Guys who are healthy at 60 or 65 don't want to give up their careers and lose relevance, he said. The revelation comes after figures published yesterday valued the Australian cosmetic surgery market at $1 billion, proving that it can withstand the effects of a recession.