23 July 2010

Britain's blushing brides are increasingly focusing their attention on all aspects of their appearance when it comes their big day, with a surge in the number of women choosing cosmetic surgery before their wedding. It's no secret that brides want to look their best for their wedding day, especially with wedding photos capturing the occasion forever, and an increasing number are choosing plastic surgery to help them achieve their dream look.Figures from The Harley Medical Group have revealed a 14 per cent rise in the number of breast surgeries performed prior to weddings, compared to the same time last year, while 17 per cent more brides-to-be are choosing ear pinning. Liz Dale, director of the cosmetic surgery group, told that brides need to factor in recovery time when planning cosmetic surgery in the run up to their wedding, to allow their body sufficient time to recover before walking down the aisle. "We recommend patients allow a good three to four months of recovery time to ensure they see the best results on their wedding day," Ms Dale explained. According to a survey carried out by, more than half of Britain's brides consider having work done prior to their wedding day, along with nine per cent of grooms. The most popular treatments among engaged women included Botox, liposuction and breast enlargement.