More Brits having Cosmetic Surgery to look good on holiday

More Brits having Cosmetic Surgery to look good on holiday

25 July 2016

We’re all a little more aware of our appearance during the summer. Dresses, shorts and swimwear means the body we’ve been hiding under layers of clothes all winter is suddenly on show for all the world to see. Plus, the warm weather means we have to think about things like underarm sweat marks and flushed, red cheeks.

This body consciousness is leading a rising number of Brits to undergo Cosmetic Surgery and Non-Surgical Treatments to look their best on their holidays. 

In fact, Cosmetic Surgery clinics have reported a 20 per cent increase in procedures during the summer months. Both men and women are opting for procedure like Face Lifts, Liposuction and Botox in pursuit of the perfect summer body.

TV presenter Saira Khan had Laser Hair Removal to feel more confident in her summer wardrobe. The Loose Women panellist is delighted with the results, “I’ve spent a fortune suffering the pain of getting waxed every three weeks, only to have the ‘stubble’ grow back a week later. I’ve had my under arms, bikini area and legs done and this is the first summer where I’m enjoying my clothes, bikinis and sleeveless t-shirts whenever I want because I’m not thinking about hair.”

Claire Richards, from the band Steps, has Botox injections in her underarms to prevent excessive sweating and sweat marks on her clothing. The singer’s weight has fluctuated in recent years and she originally turned to Botox when her weight increased.

“When my friend told me about Botox under the arms I laughed, but I tried it and loved it. The injections were a godsend when I was bigger, now I just love the freshness of it, especially in the heat.”


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