18 October 2010

A growing number of men are turning to cosmetic surgery, particularly in Florida's Tampa Bay, in a trend that has seen men become keener to emulate Hollywood's leading men who are said to use liposuction in order to fend off middle-aged spread, TBO.com reports. Speaking exclusively to TBO.com, one of Tampa Bay's most prominent surgeons explained that male plastic surgery was no longer considered 'taboo' by the average man, who felt inspired to enhance their own appearance by indulging in minimally invasive cosmetic treatments said to be popular with Hollywood's ageing actors. Following multiple reports that Tom Cruise may have had liposuction ahead of filming the latest instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise, the Florida-based news service has disclosed that more American men have turned to body-sculpting cosmetic surgery in the past decade in a bid to emulate their Hollywood idols, boost their self esteem and to give them a supposed 'edge' in a competitive job market thought to favour youthful and confident individuals. Adding that 42 per cent more American men have opted to undergo minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, particularly liposuction, in the period between 2000 and 2009, TBO revealed that 200,000 American men have had "something done" this year alone. British men are thought to be similarly keen to undergo esteem-boosting surgery, with British men found to be leading their American counterparts in the growing trend for male chest reduction surgery. While recently disclosed figures show British men have become increasingly concerned about 'man boobs' or 'moobs', with 80 per cent more men having turned to male chest reduction surgeryin 2009, only 17,000 American men had moob-reducing surgery in the same period.