10 May 2010

With record temperatures reported across the UK and a sizzling summer on the cards, more men are seeking an effective means to combat embarrassing sweat patches with help from Botox.Most well-known for its wrinkle-freezing properties, the non-invasive cosmetic treatment can also be effective for halting perspiration on key areas of the body, such as underarms, palms and the soles of the feet. Over the last week, The Harley Medical Group has seen a 26 per cent rise in the number of men booking anti-sweat Botox treatments, sometimes referred to as 'Sweatox.' Director Liz Dale explained: "Nearly 10 per cent of Botox treatments in the last month have been males specifically wanting anti-sweat treatments. Many are thinking ahead to the warmer summer months and want to avoid embarrassing sweat patches as they face rising temperatures on commuter-packed public transport. "Dubbed Sweatox, this treatment is ideal for both those suffering from the medical condition, hyperhidrosis, as well as those just wanting to combat visible wet patches and clammy palms." Botox is the second most requested treatment among men and women, and a rise in the use of sweatox could see this trend remaining strong as cosmetic surgery for men continues to increase in popularity. According to Dr Nick Milojevic, Botox specialist at The Harley Medical Group, the treatment is popular for its speed and long-lasting effects. "Botox is one of the most effective, minimally invasive and long lasting treatments that can put a stop to excessive perspiration," he explained. "After treatments to the axillary (armpit) area, the next most common request is injections to prevent sweating on the palms of the hands."