17 December 2013

Man with large chestChest Reduction surgery enquiries from men in their fifties are rising, as they take steps to avoid starting to look like their fathers. That's what one Cosmetic Surgeon has today told the Daily Mirror newspaper. "Most of the men I see are regularly in the gym and eat sensibly.Theyve done their bit, and now want surgery to do the rest," said Brent Tanner, a Consultant Plastic Surgeon, and member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Their main reason for wanting to have the procedure carried out is so that they can continue to look good on the beach, he added.Dr Tanner also said that some men ask for chest implants in order to "achieve a stronger, more defined appearance". But he warned anyone considering either procedure: "The important thing to remember is that if you do not keep up the exercise, it can look rather odd if your chest looks like it belongs to a 30-year-old and the rest of your body is flabby." Implants are inserted directly under the chest muscle, through small incisions in the armpit, Dr Tanner explained, with most procedures carried out and the patient discharged on the same day, although he adds, "you'll need a couple of weeks off to recover".