09 July 2013

Young man shavingMale plastic surgery is on the rise following a lull at the beginning of the recession, according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Dr Michael Yaremchuk, a surgeon and chief of craniofacial surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, says hes seeing more men than ever before.Around 30 per cent of the people he sees for regenerative procedures like eye lifts and face lifts are men, and a whopping 40 per cent of people going in for structural alterations, like chin implants, are male. In Launceston, Tasmania, surgeon Gary Kode said his male clientele have been requesting face lifts, liposuction, nose jobs and eye lifts. In Tasmania the demand is a lot slower than on the mainland, he said. Implants are not as big yet and I think it is a temperature thing we are covered up so much more and don't show our bodies off. Dr Kode added that fake six packs were created by liposuction, by sucking underneath the skin and shaping fat, to create definition. But it is brow lifts that are the most sought after male procedure. It improves your appearance but it is quite functional because it improves your field of vision, said Dr Kode. Guys are really astounded at how wide awake they feel ... and it is really important for guys like truckies and those that need to be alert and have good peripheral vision.