More men now removing their leg hair

More men now removing their leg hair

A surprising new study by Men’s Health magazine has found that just under half of modern men now removing some, if not all, of their leg hair!
The fitness and wellbeing magazine asked their readers about their stance on leg hair removal after noticing a growing number of fuzz-free men in the gym. 

While it’s nothing new for athletes to remove their leg hair to make themselves more streamlined, it now seems that a lot of men are trimming and shaving their legs for purely aesthetic reasons. 

The Men’s Health survey found that 33.1 per cent of men used a trimmer to reduce the amount of hair on their legs; while 15.3 per cent of men answered that they shaved their legs frequently. That’s 48.4 per cent of men opting to groom their leg hair in total!

Women’s opinions on the subject were split fairly equally as well. With 50.7 per cent of women surveyed by the magazine’s sister publication, Women’s Health, saying they either appreciated men trimming some of their leg hair or loved a guy with clean shaven legs.

Men grooming their leg hair is part of a broader trend with sees men taking greater care of their appearance. As one expert explains, “We have noticed a year-on-year increase in the numbers of men coming in for hair removal, and leg waxing in particular has nearly doubled in popularity in the last two years. We get about 15 to 20 men a month coming in to have their legs waxed or lasered. The modern man in general is a lot more body conscious. Men are taking better care of themselves and are turning to treatments once only taken up by women – and why not?!”

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