More men turning to Liposuction for chiselled abs

More men turning to Liposuction for chiselled abs

15 December 2015

Cosmetic Surgery procedures are growing every year, especially among men with increasing numbers choosing to undergo Liposuction. In the past, those who wanted defined, chiselled abs would simply up the number of gym workouts they did each week – but now doctors are confirming that for some men, exercise and a healthy diet alone is not enough.

Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Vinod Vij explained: “A genetic predisposition to storing fat in areas that obscures muscular definition makes it almost impossible to develop a highly muscular appearance in some people.

“So, for most people the only option remains Liposuction.”

With a huge 60 per cent of men undergoing Liposuction in order to get a defined ‘six pack’ and not just to remove unwanted fat, it’s a procedure that has become more popular than ever.

Dr Vij added: “Even athletes with intensive physical training regimens become frustrated with their inability to lose unwanted fat in certain areas.”

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