25 February 2013

stk212527rkeIt appears as though men are starting to become increasingly preoccupied with their appearance, as a growing number are going under the knife to look good. New figures show there has been a 19 cent jump in the number of males undergoing a brow lift over the past year, the Daily Record reports.What is more, lots of men are now attending slimming classes in a bid to shed a few pounds and regain the physical appearance they sported when they were younger. Thomas Farrow, from Mount Vernon in Glasgow, said he doesnt consider himself to be a vain individual, but wanted to tidy up his face as his baggy eyes made him look older than his 50 years. I felt my eyes were letting me down. I got something done and Im delighted with the results, he stated. Id first noticed my eyes were getting heavier at 40 and it started to bother me. Im glad Ive finally got it done as its made a big difference. Im happy with the outcome. Thomas said the procedure has made him feel better about himself and he now has much more self-esteem.