24 August 2012

A growing number of people are combining facelift and eyelid procedures to try and fight the signs of ageing. This is according to Dr J Kevin Duplechain, a plastic surgery specialist in the US, who said more and more of his patients are asking to have multiple treatments performed at once.He noted that one of the benefits of doing this is that the recovery time for each operation can be reduced. The combination of a facelift and eyelid procedure is particularly popular among those who are trying to regain some of their youth. Dr Duplechain also receives a lot of interest from people who want a facial rejuvenation treatment that combines surgical procedures with CO2 laser resurfacing and facial fat grafting. Faces age in complex ways. It's not enough to think only of one aspect of the ageing process when creating the most effective treatment plan, the expert stated. The ideal procedure will take everything into account, synthesising related techniques to leave the patient looking and feeling like her or his best self." Read the whole story here: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/852284