More patients seeking Dermal Fillers to maximise their face as a business 'asset'

10 February 2014

Furrowed brow - manYour face is an asset to your business – so says a Manhattan based Cosmetic Surgeon, who says he is getting increasing numbers of patients coming to him enquiring about Non-Surgical anti-ageing treatments. Dr Barry Weintraub, who also speaks on behalf of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), said the benefit of minimal recovery time injectable treatments offer has led to the advent of the so-called 'liquid Facelift', which uses a combination of Dermal Fillers and Botox, to minimise the appearance of facial wrinkles and frown lines.Fillers are also a popular way of reducing the appearance of so-called marionette lines; vertical folds between the mouth and chin, Dr Weintraub tells the website. Such treatments are increasingly being requested by men, Dr Weintraub points out. They are "often motivated by business reasons," he says. The three most popular uses of Botox and Fillers, he says, are to treat vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows; to alleviate horizontal 'frown lines' on the forehead – which has the separate effect of making the eyes look more open – and to treat deep folds around the mouth. Have you had cosmetic work done for professional reasons, or do you know someone else who has? Talk to us on our social media pages.