21 November 2012

Many people are taking advantage of quick, non-invasive cosmetic procedures to improve their appearance before going on holiday. Paul Nassif MD, a facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon in Beverly Hills, has claimed that ahead of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, he has to work overtime to meet the demand for Botox and injectable fillers.He said many people are going down this route because they want to look younger and fillers are an easy way to do this without spending a fortune. Plus, social media appears to be playing its part in the rise of non-surgical procedures, as Dr Nassif said people want to look their best in pictures that are likely to be posted on Facebook during the holiday season. One of the treatments he offers involves using Botox to improve the brow area. "Traditional brow lifts often elevated the brows to unnatural heights, but it is not lifting but volumising the eyebrow region that really enhances your appearance," he stated. Read the full story here: