06 October 2008

A growing number of British and American women are undergoing cosmetic surgery that will enable them to achieve their vision of the 'perfect' vagina.

Rather than booking themselves into what are currently the most popular surgeries - such as nose jobs, facelifts or breast augmentations - women are opting for vaginal surgery in the hopes that a restructure will give them more confidence in the bedroom.

The BBC reports that New Yorker Beverly Reed commented after having surgery: "I felt like a freak basically because I didn't think anyone else's looked that way."

Ms Reed went on to have surgery, which cost her 2,000. She commented: "Sex is wonderful now. I don't have to put in my head that I have to feel comfortable with this man before he sees it."

Her plastic surgeon, Doctor Helen Colen, explained how vaginal surgery has always existed with demand - but it is only now that women are beginning to feel comfortable walking into clinics and asking for it.

According to the broadcaster, she said: "Today people examine everything and every part of their body. Today the vagina is not such a taboo as it was years ago."

In Britain, the past five years has seen the number of labial reductions carried out through the NHS jump from 400 between 2000 and 2001 to 800 in 2004 to 2005. While the American Society of Plastic Surgery claims that two years ago there were more than a thousand vaginal reconstructions in the US and that the number has been consistently on the increase.