04 March 2013

Woman with long fringeFacial plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures have become the most common types of surgery carried out by cosmetic specialists, say American surgeons. Fitness blogger George Guerin, writing in the New Jersey Star Ledger, notes that the sector has moved away from "butt lifts and breast implants" which have fallen by 36 per cent and nine per cent respectively as more people look to make changes to their facial appearance. "Although the total number of cosmetic treatments in the past year has dropped by two per cent, surface procedures grew by six per cent," he noted.A surge in demand for anti-ageing treatments is the main reason attributed to this increase, and the growth in these, in turn, is believed to be a result of such procedures offering the prospect of quicker results and shorter recovery times. "Botox has become the leading cosmetic procedure, now up eight per cent, with more than 6.1 million injections administered last year," Dr Youn noted, adding that other wrinkle fighting agents such as Restylane and Juvederm were also gaining in popularity.