07 June 2013

stk212528rkeSocial media’s growing presence in everyday life is leading to more and more people opting for cosmetic surgery, according to a Detroit surgeon. Dr Mark Berkowitz believes the pressure to look attractive and young has never been higher as photographs and videos are splashed across the likes of Twitter and Facebook within minutes of being taken.He says minimally invasive treatments like chemical peels and fillers such as Botox are becoming increasingly common. He has also experienced a rise in facial surgeries like facelifts and eyelid surgery. “People are connecting with new friends and reconnecting with old friends in a way that's never been possible before,” explained Dr Berkowitz. “It's only natural to want to make a great first impression, or compare your current reflection to the way you looked 20 years ago and want to make a few changes.” He added: “Your facial features can take on a new prominence in those close-up profile shots… It actually can be much harder to look attractive in photos than it is to look great in person.” Non-surgical procedures like Botox are a way for people to improve their profile picture without going under the knife. The injections smooth away the wrinkles that appear with age, while injectable fillers can restore lost volume or plump up lips.