21 February 2014

Furrowed brow - manConvenience and minimal downtime are two major reasons for a surge in interest in minimally invasive Non-Surgical treatments such as Botox and Dermal Fillers. A growth in popularity has seen a sharp rise in their use, meaning that they now account for three out of every eight (37 per cent) of all Cosmetic Surgical procedures and Non-Invasive treatments carried out in the United States, reports local news website TheGeorgetownDish.com.This statistic has prompted two dermatologists in the Georgetown, Washington area to carry out a study into the available data on the use of Botox in men and they found that out of several hundred research projects carried out into its uses, just three examined gender as a factor influencing the efficacy of the treatments. One of the main conclusions of this isolated sample of studies was that, although men required higher doses of Botox to achieve their desired results, the treatments were no less safe than for women. Now, Doctors Terrence Keaney and Tina Alster, are to carry out more detailed research this spring, which will include more in-depth analysis of the benefits men can gain from using the Line & Wrinkle treatment, and they are seeking volunteers to help the project. "Science needs to catch up with male interest in all cosmetic procedures - not only Botulinum Toxin," the Doctors told the website. Have you, or do you know any men who have had Botox? Tell us about your experience on Facebook.