19 September 2011

woman getting botox injectionDoctors in the US have reiterated the dangers of DIY Botox in a recent report. News site MSNBC asked Dr Tracy Favreau, a dermatologist at Nova Southeastern University, about the risks  associated with Botox kits. In response, Dr Favreau warned of the “horrible results” that are “almost killing people”, and described buying kits online as “a catastrophe waiting to happen”.Another doctor told CBS that while the cost saving element of buying at-home kits online were undoubtedly appealing, the risks far outweigh the savings, and consumers could pay a high price in the long run. Doctors and cosmetic surgeons warn that kits can contain poisonous substances that when injected into the face can cause severe allergic reactions or worse, and that the effects of such reactions cannot always be reversed. One kit purchased online came with the following disclaimer: “We do not suggest you do this yourself, but we do realize you have the right.”