13 February 2012

A survey of New Zealand women has found that close to two-thirds would consider cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance. Researchers for the Kiwi edition of Next magazine spoke to more than 1,500 women in the country about matters relating to weight, health and their appearance for the latest issue, which went on sale today. The vast majority (89 per cent) said they felt the way they presented themselves was "very important" in order to succeed. Four out of five people said they believed good looking people tended to get more opportunities in life.The research discovered that in New Zealand, most women were prepared to consider undergoing cosmetic treatments if they felt their appearance would benefit. Just over two-thirds of females surveyed said they didn't like their tummies, while 37 per cent said their breasts were their best asset. According to a report on the study by Stuff.co.nz, three out of four women said they would like to lose at least 5kg in weight. The number of New Zealand men choosing to undergo cosmetic procedures is also said to be increasing by between 30 and 50 per cent over the past 10 years according to some surgeons.