30 July 2010

The number of British women choosing Botox treatments to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles has risen by 15 per cent this year, as more people are embracing the cost-effective solution to a smoother complexion. More than a million men and women now use the wrinkle relaxing treatments each year in the UK, according to research from Mintel. The research analyst found that Botox is increasingly being viewed as a normal part of peoples' beauty regime, and that the market is worth 18 million each year in the UK."With high profile celebrities - and now even royalty - choosing to help nature with fillers and lifts, non-surgical procedures have never been so popular, as numbers have passed the one million barrier for the first time in 2009," Mintel explained. "The non-surgical sector is booming. Accessibility has been a key driving force, with consumers now able to have a procedure in their lunch break or alongside their dental appointment." The study also revealed that 19 million Brits desire some form of cosmetic enhancement, and that only one third of adults feel they don't need any form of surgery. Mail Online reports that the UK's cosmetic surgery sector increased by nine per cent as a whole in 2009, with the most popular treatments being breast enlargements, eye bag removal, face and neck lifts, tummy tucks, nose jobs and brow lifts.