11 December 2009

A new study has found that cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly common among brides and grooms who want to look their best on the big day, with more than half of all brides-to-be in the UK considering surgery as part of their wedding plans.The survey carried out by goodsurgeonguide.co.uk found that 58 per cent of engaged women stated that they were considering undergoing plastic surgery prior to their wedding day, along with 39 per cent of grooms. According to Reuters, 11 per cent of the 512 women interviewed had already had some form of surgery carried out in preparation for their upcoming wedding, as had nine per cent of the 509 male respondents. Cosmetic surgery has long been a popular feature of wedding plans, but this new study indicates a growing trend among couples wanting to look their best. Most women were motivated by wanting to look good in wedding photos, with 64 per cent choosing this as the most important reason behind their surgery. Meanwhile, men's cosmetic surgery was found to be primarily motivated by the desire to be more appealing to their partners. Founder of goodsurgeonguide.co.uk, Christiana Clogg, explained: "A wedding is the single most important day in plenty of men and women's lives and a large number want everything to be perfect, including their appearance."Botox was found to be the most popular wedding treatment among women, with 68 per cent considering the treatment, and the second most popular among men. Other popular pre-wedding treatments included liposuction and breast enlargement.