26 March 2013

The sensitive topic of hair removal from the genital area has been brought back into the spotlight by recent research which found that four out of five women are having treatments to remove their bikini line hair. The same survey found that more than half (56 per cent) of women were choosing to have all their pubic hair removal by surgical means, largely due to the fact that advances in laser treatments now mean that it can take as little as 20 minutes. And as Dr Patrick Bowler, a founder of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, writes today in the Huffington Post, 56 per cent of all women are undergoing procedures to remove all of their pubic hair, apart from a small strip or triangle just above the vaginal area. "New technology now means that it can take less than 20 minutes with lasers, with no pulling, tugging or ripping of the hair," Dr Bowler said. Yet, he added, body hair removal dates back as far as the Egyptian Pharaohs, who believed that smooth, hairless skin was the apotheosis of beauty. And Dr Bowler concluded: "Fortunately, as the numbers of women - and men- following this ancient body hair removing trend continues to increase into modern day, the levels of pain and maintenance they're subjected to are reducing significantly as technology runs to keep up in the game."