15 December 2010

An increasing number of American men have been found to be turning towards cosmetic surgery, and Colorado is leading the pack. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Colorado men are noted as having more plastic surgery than the rest of the country. Speaking to News 9, Colorado-based surgeon Dr Steven Vath explained his belief that the changing attitude towards cosmetic surgery has encouraged more men to consider treatments. He said: "I think it's becoming less taboo for men to consider the idea of their appearance, and improving their appearance."Dr Vath also revealed that many of his male patient mentioned that they were choosing surgery as a way to help them stay competitive in their respective workplaces. "A common theme that I hear about in my consults is the idea that someone who's more youthful perhaps is more hip as to the newest advancements in whatever field they're involved in," he said.Face lifts are the most popular choice for men in their 40s, according to Dr Vath. He's also found that many of his patients are repeat users and expressed his opinion that men in Colorado are typically more conscientious about their appearance than in other parts of the country. Earlier this year it was also revealed that American men were following a British trend when it came to younger men turning to moob reduction, with the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery announcing that more than half of American men undergoing chest reduction surgery are aged between 19 and 34.