02 December 2009

More women who undergo breast enlargement surgery are combining it with other treatments to achieve their desired appearance. Fast Pitch reports that more women in Orange County, USA, are choosing to undergo more than one cosmetic surgery procedure at once, making the most of the opportunity to improve their appearance in all areas, and to maximise their time off work.Cosmetic surgeon Dr Graham Kemsley believes this trend is due to women becoming better educated about plastic surgery, and this is helping them to become more proactive in their decisions. He explains: "These days, motherhood doesn't keep women from caring about their appearance. For many women in Orange County, breast enlargement gives them a way to reverse the effects of pregnancy, nursing, and weight changes. "Breast enlargement, breast reduction, and breast uplift can give women more shapely and youthful looking breasts, and can restore their self-confidence as well. Lately more women ask me to combine their breast procedure with body contouring procedures like liposuction or a tummy tuck." According to Dr Kemsley: "Women are beginning to realize that enhancing just their breasts will not completely resolve their concerns. By also addressing common trouble spots, like the abdomen, hips, or thighs, they can achieve a more comprehensive renewal and take time off only once. "They believe in education, planning, and making the most of every moment. By combining cosmetic surgery procedures they can achieve the attractive appearance they desire without multiple interruptions in their busy lives."