09 April 2010

A greater number of women over 40 are seeking to enjoy a new lease of life following divorce with the help of cosmetic surgery, according to the latest figures.This trend for plastic surgery after divorce is helping many women reclaim their lost youth and to look as young as they feel. Lemondrop UK reports that divorces are also increasingly looking to date younger men, inspired by celebrities in age gap relationships such as Demi Moore. According to Liz Dale, director of The Harley Medical Group, the company has seen a nine per cent increase in the number of women choosing anti-ageing procedures compared to this time last year. Ms Dale told the Daily Express: "Post-divorce patients see it as a confidence boost - especially if they're looking for a new relationship." Experts have also revealed that many women are using their post-divorce payouts to fund their cosmetic surgery, which can include face lifts and boob jobs helping them achieve their desired appearance and feel more attractive. This new trend shows that the UK is catching up with Australia, where it was reported last month that women over 40 are choosing surgery to look 10 years younger, inspired by celebrities. The Victorian Cosmetic Institute found that a record high of 37 per cent of women over 40 were choosing procedures such as liposuction, face lifts and laser hair removal to help them attract men in their 20s and 30s.