08 February 2010

A new study has found that 80 per cent of women are now choosing smaller breast enlargements, opting for a more natural cup increase of one or two sizes. Liz Dale, director of the Harley Medical Group, told the Sun that women are increasingly choosing B or C cups when undergoing cosmetic surgery. Ms Dale said: "This is a significant trend in the past year."Over 80 per cent of our patients now only ask for a cup increase of one to two sizes, whereas in the Noughties more patients opted for a D cup than any size." According to the Sun, almost two thirds of women said they would consider having a boob job, and more than half considered B or C cups to be the perfect breast size. D and DD cups were often considered too large, while only one per cent of women favoured A cups like Kate Moss. This may be partly due to the trend of celebrities choosing smaller and more natural breast augmentation. Victoria Beckham underwent a breast reduction from 34DD to 34B to be taken more seriously as an upmarket fashion designer, while Ulrika Jonsson reduced from an E cup to a C following pregnancy. Film star Tara Reid also reduced her breast size after worrying that she looked "too busty." Women rated 33-year-old soap star Kym Marsh and 38-year-old X Factor presenter Dannii Minogue as the celebrities who had the best boob jobs,