23 August 2011

c0027659tsMore women are opting for minimal incision breast augmentation in a bid to keep any scars to a minimum and still look good on the beach. This is according to American plastic surgeon Milind K Ambe MD, of Newport Beach Plastic Surgery Clinic, who says that he is more than happy to help his patients get the breasts they want without restricting what they can wear on the beach.Mr Ambe believes many of his female patients are worried about having plastic surgery over the summer months when they want to wear swimwear and more revealing clothing. He therefore offers cosmetic surgery which involves smaller incisions which leave much less noticeable marks and scars, and allow for a much shorter recovery time. Dr Ambe said: For breast augmentation surgery, the patient can not only choose between saline and silicone implants, but they can also indicate which locations they would prefer the incisions. Inferior periareolar and infra-mammary incisions are naturally well-hidden and very popular with women that would prefer to have their scars smaller and more camouflaged. Inferior periareolar incisions are those made in the skin around the nipple which is usually darker than the rest of the skin and therefore hides scarring better. Infra-mammary folds incisions are made where the breast and chest wall meet and is another location at which scars and marks are difficult to spot.