More women opting for Breast Lift surgery

More women opting for Breast Lift surgery

23 September 2015

In recent years, patients have commonly been looking for more subtle results from Cosmetic Surgery – the general consensus is less about ‘transformations’ and more ‘me on a good day’.  So it’s perhaps not surprising that we’re seeing an increase in the number of women opting for Breast Lifts over Breast Augmentations.

Though not a new surgery, the details of a Breast Lift are quite different from a Breast Augmentation and more akin to that of a Breast Reduction procedure. The surgery reshapes, tightens and uplifts the breasts, removing excess skin and adjusting the position of the nipple.

The process is very similar to a Breast Reduction, though none of the patient’s breast tissue is removed. As one Cosmetic Surgeon explains, the surgeries use the “Same technique, same incisions, but at the same time we’re removing extra tissue to reduce the volume of the breast (during a reduction)”. The procedure creates a perkier breast which looks much when the patient is nude as it does when they’re wearing a bra.

One of the most common concerns about any sort of breast surgery is whether the operation will affect a woman’s ability to breast feed.  A Breast Lift, however, should have no ability on a woman’s ability to lactate, as cutting around the nipple to reposition it – as opposed to removing and then reattaching it – will preserve the nerves that allow nipple sensation and breast feeding.

Pregnancy and child birth will alter the appearance of your breasts however, and if a patient is considering starting a family in the near future it may be advisable to postpone a Breast Lift surgery until afterwards for the best results.

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