06 October 2010

A marked rise in our own operating figures has shown that a growing number of women are turning to cosmetic surgery in order to reduce the size of their breasts. While breast enlargement surgery has always proved popular, a growing number of women are choosing to undergo breast reduction surgery in order to appear slimmer and relieve the pain of back and neck disorders caused, in part, by overly large breasts. Lisa Littlehales, a consultant nurse specialist at Harley Medical, attributed the rise in breast reduction surgery's popularity to the fact that "Oversized and heavy breasts can be a huge disadvantage on women's lives." Explaining that the average woman's dress and cup size had increased in recent years, Lisa explained that a growing number of women now have large breasts naturally or as a result of weight gain. Many of these women, who average a size 16 with D cup breasts or larger, would like to appear thinner but are unable to exercise properly due to their large breasts, the nurse explained, commenting: "Large breasts can cause back and neck disorders, and also restrict women while trying to exercise." This, in turn, causes many women to turn to breast-size reducing surgery, as it will not only make their silhouette appear sleeker, but will help them to exercise more easily, allowing them to better lose weight. "Decreasing breast size helps women to look and feel thinner, and also helps them in their quest to regain form and lose weight," Lisa said.