More women opting for laser hair removal to de-fuzz feet

21 April 2011

According to latest figures more and more women are opting for laser hair removal treatment to rid their feet and toes of unwanted hair. The figures, published in the Mirror today, suggest that requests for laser treatment for hair removal are up by 37 per cent overall, and that woman are not just choosing to remove hair from the usual areas. While the bikini line, legs, underarms and face are still the most common areas to be treated using lasers, requests to remove hair from more unusual areas, such as the feet, are becoming more widespread. Experts attribute the increase in requests for the permanent hair removal treatment to the warmer weather and say it is not unusual for non-surgical treatments to rise in popularity in the run-up to summer. Women planning to look their best on the beach this summer by opting for any type of cosmetic surgery or treatment are advised to book in now as recovery times can vary from a few days to a few months.