23 August 2013

Doctor marking woman's bust with penIncreasing numbers of middle-aged working women are seeking plastic surgery – not to look younger, but to look their age, according to a US surgeon. New York-based Dr Sharon Giese told ABC News: “I’m seeing a lot of professional women who are in their 40s and 50s who want to stay competitive in the job force and not be perceived as being too old.“They’re just saying they want to look refreshed [and] they don’t want to look tired. They don’t want to erase their wrinkles. They just want to soften them.” One of Dr Giese’s patients seeking just that look is Suzanne Armstrong, a 48-year-old actress and real estate agent. She says she visits the clinic in order to look more “natural”. Another patient, Lynette Bosco, has been receiving line and wrinkle injectables for almost 18 years. “It becomes complicated in the workplace that you get judged by how you look versus what you’re able to do,” said Bosco. “I don’t have any wrinkles now and I’m 48.”