09 November 2011

More Moroccan women than ever before are having cosmetic surgery, despite concerns that this goes against Islamic principles. Owner of Clinique Slaoui, an upmarket cosmetic surgery clinic in Rabat, Morocco, Professor Salehdine Slaoui, has noticed a definite trend. Moroccan women are increasingly becoming more independent and are working harder," says Professor Slaoui.However, he did add that the industry was not keeping pace with the demand, and concerns have been raised that cosmetic surgery is un-Islamic. The number of surgeons has not progressed. Up to now there are still just 50 plastic surgeons in Morocco, he said. One patient, Khadija, 37, had breast augmentation: After my operation I stayed at the clinic for three days... a nurse stayed with me 24/7," she says. Next time I want to have something done to my face and even liposuction. Fatima, 25, another patient at the clinic said: I'm not scared having [breast enlargement] done. It's very important - as you can see I am flat-chested and I want to be more feminine. And of the fact that such an operation would increase her body confidence, she said that God would approve of that. However, Islamic scholar Ahmed Boukill disagrees: The role of the body is more spiritual than these superficial inconveniences. It is forbidden in the Koran to change a part of the body [for cosmetic purposes]. People forget that their role on earth is not to be too obsessed by the body but more the spiritual side.