14 August 2013

Woman's eyeWhen patients visit Houston plastic surgeon, Dr James F Boynton asks a simple question, “what bothers you about your eyes?” He says the most common answers to this are tired eyes, sad eyes, bulges of fat and excess layers of inelastic skin around the socket.A board-certified plastic surgeon, he approaches eyelid surgery in such a way that each patient's anatomical, gender and demographic differences are taken into account. He has also raised concerns that people are going under the knife for incomplete work. “Eyelid surgery is something to be taken seriously,” says Dr Boynton. “Recently, a growing trend has emerged where other specialties have started offering upper lid surgery, which is concerning to me.” He believes that because the structures of the eyes and the eyebrows are intimately linked, patients consider some type of brow lift to maximise the impact of their final results.