13 March 2014

Skin acneMother of two, Sarah Vine, is one of many people who suffer from adult acne. She describes it as the first sign of a final descent into decrepitude, claiming that its another issue to add to her list of worries, which include wrinkles, sagging, sun spots and dry skin. The condition is caused by an excess of oil produced by the skins sebaceous glands, in response to a change in hormones. This clogs up a persons pores, which in turn causes inflammation and painful swelling.As Sarah has discovered, it is often best to avoid touching the spots, as this can lead to spreading and reoccurrence. Picking them is also out of the question as these deep inflammations are prone to scarring. Paying a visit to a Dermatologist and having a skin consultation will uncover the various solutions available to you for treating adult acne. These include regular exfoliation to help remove the dead skin cells, as well as the likes of Obagi Blue Skin Peels, which remove the damaged surface layers of your skin, and Isolaz Laser treatment, which is a painless way to improve the overall tone, texture and clarity of your skin. To tackle pesky acne scarring, a course of Dermaroller Therapy may be advised. This micro-needling treatment works by stimulating the skin to encourage self-repair, and leaves a smoother-looking complexion. -How will you tackle your adult acne? Let us know on Facebook.