Mother knows best: beauty tips your mum endorses

Mother knows best: beauty tips your mum endorses

30 December 2015

As much as we hate to admit it at times, mums really do know best. When it comes to your beauty regime, take advantage of her tried-and-tested pearls of wisdom – you know it makes sense! Here is some beauty advice endorsed by mums.

  • Anti-Ageing

Tip: Massaging your face daily can help to prevent wrinkles.

As we age, fine lines and wrinkles are inevitable but you can prevent them developing prematurely by massaging your face to increase the circulation and remove the build-up of toxins in your skin.

  • Blemish Busting

Tip: Spitting on your spots helps to reduce their appearance.

We all suffer from unwanted breakouts from time to time. But whether yours are an infrequent or regular occurrence, one mum swears by spitting on hers. That’s because saliva is a known healer and can help to reduce redness and inflammation.

  • Shiny hair

Tip: Wash your hair with beer to improve its shine.

It might sound strange but many people, mums included, wash their hair with beer every now and again. The ingredients found in beer, such as barley and hops help to boost shine and radiance, giving you enviable locks.

How many of these beauty tips have you heard of? Ask your mum for her top tips and share them with us on Facebook today.



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