07 February 2011

An Australian mum who has been fighting to have breast reduction surgery paid for by the countrys public health system, has finally been placed on a hospital waiting list. Amy Mudge, from Tweed Heads South in New South Wales, told her local newspaper that her G-cup breasts are causing her pain and leading to breathing difficulties. She has been petitioning to have the operation paid for by the state, as it would cost her $10,000 to have the procedure carried out privately. Speaking to the Tweed Daily News, Ms Mudge said: The operation is the only way this can be fixed. It is the only way I will be able to breathe again. After starting a Facebook group to highlight her plight and having her campaign taken up by the local newspaper, Ms Tweed has now been placed on a hospital waiting list and is due to have the breast surgery carried out within months. A spokeswoman for the Northern New South Wales Local Health Network said that each case is considered according to the clinical need.