02 May 2012

Women preparing to see their daughters get married are going to ever greater lengths to ensure they too look fabulous on the big day. Commentators have dubbed the desire to achieve a picture-perfect look the 'Carole Middleton effect', in reference to the mother of Prince William's wife Kate.According to a report by Hello! magazine, cosmetic surgery is something that 10 per cent of mothers would consider trying before their daughters walk down the aisle. The magazine said brides' mothers it spoke to were willing to consider a range of procedures, from Botox injections and breast augmentations to tummy tucks. According to Julie Donnelly, head of buying at online and catalogue shopping firm isme, mothers should always remember that they are not meant to be the centre of attention on the day. She said: "Aim to be the second most fabulous lady there never try to outshine the bride." In addition, Ms Donnelly said women shouldn't try out anything too radical for the wedding day. "To be confident you need to be comfortable," she said. It's also been suggested that Kate Middleton's wedding has encouraged brides to think even more carefully about their appearance before the big day, with 'bridalplasty' becoming more popular than ever.