24 May 2012

Fathers are snapping at the heels of mothers when it comes to taking action to look their best on their daughters’ wedding days. In a feature shown on Fox News last night, cosmetic practitioner and plastic surgeon Dr Steven L Davies performed Botox and dermal fillers on patient Tom Colucci. Colucci, whose daughter is getting married in the summer, said he had sought the treatment having started to notice fine lines and wrinkles appearing on his face. He is determined to look 10 years younger for the big day, and is happy with non-surgical treatments as a way to achieve this.He said: “I'm starting to see some creases and extra wrinkles that weren't there before. I want to look as good as I did ten years ago for my other daughter's wedding.” After the treatment, Colucci added: “This is fantastic, the crease is gone! I like the way it looks, I'm happy.” Dr Davies revealed that he has noticed wedding season becoming much like Christmas and summer in terms of people requesting treatments for lines and wrinkles, and other non-surgical treatments such as permanent hair removal treatments. See original story here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2148757/Meet-FATHER-bride-getting-pre-wedding-Botox-daughters-big-day.html?ito=feeds-newsxml