07 June 2012

The Pippa Middleton bottom has fallen out of favour with women, and J-Los derriere is back at the top of the bottom wish list. Following the royal wedding in April last year, Pippa Middletons bottom made the front page of many a glossy magazine, and memberships for pilates classes soared as she revealed that this was her secret to the perfect bottom. But J-Los rounded bottom is back in fashion, and nutrition expert Rosie Millen says that eating the right food is key to achieving the look.In an interview published in the Daily Mail online, Millen said: Protein is essential for muscle growth, and bigger buttock muscles mean a bigger, firmer bottom. Eat protein at every meal. Good sources include chicken, fish, red meat in moderation, eggs, nuts, seeds, lentils and beans. If you are training hard, it can be hard to get all the protein you need in one day. This is where protein supplements and drinks may benefit you, she added. As well as diet - surgery, underwear, the right clothes, exercise and treatments were all listed as routes to the J-Lo look. In the US, sales of padded pants have soared, and Cosmopolitans fashion director recommends wearing clothes which nip in the waist and draw attention to the buttocks, such as skirts and dresses with peplum detailing. She said: Bandage-style stretch skirts are a gift. They lift, support and show off your bottom. High-waisted styles are flattering, worn with pretty blouses tucked in. Suggested exercises for the butt muscles include the clam and the alphabet. For the first, lie on your side with your legs at 90 degrees and lift the top leg, and for the second, position yourself on all fours, left one leg out in line with your back and write the alphabet with your foot. Repeat both exercises on each side. See original story here: