26 February 2009

Movie star Chow Yun-Fat has admitted to having cosmetic surgery in order to keep him looking young. During a recent press conference, 53-year-old Yun-Fat admitted that he has had cosmetic surgery on his eyelids. The Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon star spoke about his surgery at a press conference in South Korea marking the release of his film Dragonball: Evolution.Yun-Fat said: "As I grew older, my eyelids began to droop. I began going for cosmetic surgery in Hong Kong when I was filming The God of Gamblers in 1989." The Hong Kong born actor noted that he's not ashamed of undergoing the procedures, and even joked with the media at the event, saying: "If you go to Hong Kong for cosmetic surgery, I can introduce you to the doctor." Yun-Fat is just one of many celebrities to make the news after undergoing cosmetic surgery. The Academy Awards ceremony this weekend featured a number of Hollywood stars who have had cosmetic surgery, including couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. In addition, a new television show is being aired on Living TV that showcases former pop stars from the 1980s as they go under the knife to look younger. The series, Pop Goes The Band, has already showed former Dollar singer David Van Day undergo a facelift. Yun-Fat is not alone when it comes to being a man undergoing cosmetic surgery, either. New research has shown that more men are choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures like eye bag removal and breast reduction surgeries.